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Bicycle Repair & Services

We spend thousands of dollars every year to get our mechanics formally trained and professionally certified.

Repair Services

Wheel your ride in any time for a FREE estimate. We will carefully go through your bicycle’s condition with you and help you understand what is critical, what your choices are and what those choices cost.

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Custom Builds

Maybe you had a bike shipped to you in a box. Maybe you’ve been collecting parts. Or maybe you want to build your one-of-a-kind dream bike with all kinds of colors and flair. No job is too big or too small. Let’s chat!

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Custom Wheels

We LOVE wheels. We love building with them and riding on them. Did you know you can make the biggest difference in both weight and ride with a better pair of wheels? Come give your bike a new spirit.

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Pro Fitting

Our goal is to fit the bike to you, and we like to do it the old fashioned way – we just charge you for our time. With us, we guarantee your fit or our time after that is free making sure we get it right.

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Boxing & Shipping

Traveling or moving? Going by air or don’t have space for bicycles in the car? Let us help you out. We will professionally pack your bike in specifically sized bike-boxes and let you even take advantage of our shipping discounts. It’s the safest way for your bike to travel.

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Frame Sizing

We will take the time to give you the right answer, and because that takes time and testing, we hope you will appreciate that time by choosing to purchase from us.

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Additional Services & Resources

From rentals to helmet tips, Big Poppi Bicycle Co. has you covered.

Bike Rentals

Interested in renting a ride?
We don’t maintain a rental fleet of beat up bikes that may not fit you. Any new bicycle we have is eligible to rent if it will be used for light-duty transportation, fitness or sightseeing.

Pick the bike, and we’ll ask you for 50% of MSRP for a refundable deposit and 5% of MSRP per day for a rental fee.

This is a great way to take a longer try before you buy. If you love the bike you rented and buy it, the rental is free.
Looking to rent long-term? Give us a call or stop by and we’ll see what we can do.


So the tinkerer in you loves to play with tools and thinks you ought to be able to figure bike stuff out, but your busy side doesn’t want it to take all weekend just to make a few adjustments.

We can teach you as much as you would like to learn about working on your own bike.

Click on the link and check out our upcoming classes. Usually offered through UFM in the spring and fall, all coursework is done here in the shop. AND, course-takers get a discount on parts, tools and accessories on class-day!

Get Smart
Should I Ride This Bike?

Have a bike that hasn’t been ridden in a while? Big Poppi Bicycle always offers estimates and advice free of charge regarding the safety of your bike. There are some basic common-sense things you can do on your own before buying a bicycle or riding one that hasn’t been ridden in a while.

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Helmet Hints

Let’s face it. Helmets are the safest way for you to travel while on your bike. But before you hit the open road, there are a few ways to check the overall effectiveness of your helmet. Click the link below to read our list of tips.

Check Your Helmet