A Tale of Two Duties.

We always want to be accomplishing two things. One you expect, and one you might not.

The one you expect: to consistently give you the best cycling experience possible.

The one you might not expect: to build Manhattan, KS as a community of people, including non-cyclists, that makes other towns jealous.

We are a lot more than a bicycle shop. We are a local business. We provide tax revenue. We provide jobs. We are locally owned and actively operated by the owners. We give large amounts to local non-profit organizations. We buy products and services from other local businesses. We contribute to our Chamber of Commerce. We volunteer on local commissions and boards. We advocate for and help to build trails. We organize events for the community to enjoy. We grow social networks. And, we take every opportunity we can to teach the next generation.

Don’t take American small business for granted, because it is disappearing. Small business has always done a lot more than merely sell stuff. They are centers of community where people meet and learn about each other face-to-face. Without small businesses, towns turn into chain-store highway rest stops or disappear altogether.

Small businesses support better-paying local jobs, and don’t send taxes and profits out of state to benefit someone else’s community.

You don’t have to own or work in a small business to be an important part of what they accomplish. When you find one that treats your well, all you need to do is keep coming back and you will be a part of this great and quintessentially American tale.